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Driving a minibus abroad, more info

Posted by [email protected] on April 23, 2015 at 4:05 PM

If driving a minibus abroad in EU countries you must be certain you are not driving for hire or reward and even if for private use you must use a Tachograph, Speed limiter, Own Account Certificate or EU Journey Form (Waybill) and comply with Driver’s Hours Regulations. 

It may be possible to drive in another EU country if the minibus is not being used for hire or reward but depends on how the trip is being paid for. You must be certain that passengers are not contributing to the cost of their trip in any way, even if part of a larger charge for a holiday. In reality this seldom applies. If passengers are contributing then all drivers must have full D1 or D entitlement, obtained by passing a PCV D/D1 driving test.  

a/Where the operation of a minibus is genuinely not for hire or reward, drivers with D1 (101) or D1 79 (NFHR) may drive abroad. 

b/ Drivers who only have category B entitlement on their licences (ie licences issued 1st January 1997 onwards) must NOT drive a minibus abroad, even if it is not being used for hire and reward. 

c/ On old style 'pink or green' driving licences issued before 1st June 1990, 'A' rather than 'D1' is shown on the licences. Drivers intending to visit other EU countries should have at least one year’s experience of driving a minibus, as required by EU Regulation 3820/85. In such cases, drivers are required to obtain an INTP5, a certificate of experience of driving a minibus from their Local Traffic Area Office 

If you are not operating for hire or reward this does not exempt you from all the other requirements for driving abroad

Even if your trip is a private one for your own family, if it is in a minibus (9 to 16 passenger seats) it will still come under the rules that govern international journeys by bus and coach. This still applies even if there are less than 8 passengers travelling in the minibus. This means that the requirements that still apply include:

 Tachograph

 Speed limiter

 Own Account Certificate or EU Journey Form (Waybill)

 Driver’s Hours Regulations. 

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